January 27, 2010

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1000 m run
50 thrusters (95/65)
30 pull ups

Post time and comments please


  1. 1,000m Row – 3:30
    50 Thrusters @ 85lbs – ~11:00
    30 Pullups – ~3:00

    Time: 17:40 – tied with Scott, to the second!

    Thrusters damn near killed me at this weight – heaviest I’ve ever tried. It took me, I’m estimating, about 11 minutes to do it. Due to a failed rep, I actually did 50.9 😉 Broken sets went like:

    5-5-5-5-5-5-5-4-4-3-4 = 50

    Did 30 pullups using the #3 band. Used that one because at that point, I thought I was supposed to do 50 pullups and was going to pace myself. Oops. Should’ve used the #2 band for 30 reps.

    Nice work today Amy, Scott, and Jackie!

  2. Did this as RX’d.

    The run was a good starting point for the fall of my stability.
    Been a long week of physical work in my police defense training and it came to a head during this one.
    Legs are still at war with me.

    Time: 10:48

    Wasn’t liking the thrusters at all

  3. I actually liked the run, good way to start out. Did 10:43 which makes up for mike beating me on monday.

  4. Well I did tie to the second with Greg. I must say it look like somebody lit a fircracker under his ass for pullups. He killed on pullups Great over all workout.

  5. Mike, Ben, what did you guys do? Did you run a K instead of rowing?

  6. Run 1km
    50 Thrusters – 95lbs
    30 Pull Ups – 15 unassisted, 5-small band, 10- medium band

  7. @ Jon. Yeah, myself, sheldon and mike did a 1km run rather than rowing.