January 28, 2010

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We’ll call this one “Tic Toc”

With a running clock, you start with a 60 seconds of rowing. The amount of calories burned are multiplied by 2, and that score is subtracted from 60. The result is the amount of reps you perform of the following movement that is to be completed by the end of the next 120 second block (2 min) that follows the rowing.

You then row for the next min and so on and so on.

Example, row 60 seconds. You rowed for 14 cal in those 60 seconds. Multiply that by 2, =28, 60-28 is 32. That is the reps of the movement that follows the 2 min of rowing.

continue until you can no longer complete the required reps in 2 mins.

  • Row
  • Deadlift
  • Row
  • Push Up
  • Row
  • Burpees
  • Row
  • Floor Wipers

Post # of cycles completed…. Fight for it!!!


  1. Didn’t even get through 1 full cycle on this bad boy:

    60s Row for 22 cals x 2 = 44
    16 Deadlifts @ 135lbs
    60s Row for 20 cals x 2 = 40
    20 Floor Wipers @ 95lbs
    60s Row for 21 cals x 2 = 42
    18 Pushups
    60s Row for 18 cals x 2 = 36
    24 Burpees…..FAIL: only 17 Burpees

    We lost a little bit of time (10-12s) on each transition for the Rower so that impacted what we could do for the exercise that followed. Not complaining, just noted for next time if that’s not the case.

    However, FINALLY nailed multiple kipping pullups in sets of 4 & 5….see you later Elastic Bands #1-4!!!!

  2. I almost got through 2 rounds. I died at the Burpees on the second round.

    28 Deadlifts @ 95lbs Round 1
    36 Deadlifts @ 65lbs Round 2
    Floor Wipers @ 65lbs – This was hard – I had to have scott help me hold the bar on the second round.
    A whole lot of knee Pushups – I got lazy on the rowing when I knew that I had pushups. I think that I really need to try doing real pushups at first from now on.
    28 Burpees…..Round 1
    40 Burpees…..Round 2 FAIL – I’m just not that fast

    Greg: CONGRATS on the multiple kipping pullups

  3. I’m so pumped….I just want to go back and do pullups now!

  4. Almost did 1 full round did get the burpees done in time. Not having a full minute on rower sucked if I did could have made it alot farther

  5. This one was a little rough after sitting in a class all day driving from moncton to sj and having MJ and amy yelling at you no time to rest it is a go go go go go workout for sure failed out at the end of round two couldn’t get the last burpees in…awsome workout guys loved it