February 1, 2010

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3 rounds. 5 movements.
1 minute each, followed by one minute rest. Then repeat.
Partner up. One does work, other counts, then switch roles. Total reps are the score.
It’s important everyone arrives one time so we can get things rolling.

Movements are:

– Lizard Walk
– One Arm Kettlebell Snatch
– Shamwow Specials
– Hammer Time “you can’t touch this”
– V Snaps

You may be wondering what some of the movements are. Show up in time and you will see.


  1. Shamwow specials are the suck 😉

    68 + 75 + 82 = 225
    30lb KB Snatch, 45lb Squat

  2. Squat Clean Practice 5-10 minutes:
    Failed at 135lbs x 1 but got it the next time….PR!

    Only an inch away from a muscle up….grrrrr

    I’ll ‘second’ Russell’s comment on the Shamwows.

    Reps: 73 + 65 + 75 = 213

    KB Snatches @ 20lbs, Squats @ 25lbs overhead

    • Wow guys….Looks like Michelle has become the threat in the gym.
      We’ll have to keep an eye on her progress and see if we can match it.
      The gauntlet has been thrown down.

  3. Squat Clean Practice:
    45lb – 65lb – Failed on 95lbs, I couldn’t get the jerk. I am going to try 75 next time.

    Reps: 98 + 105 + 114 = 317

    KB Snatches @ 20lbs, Squats @ 25lbs held to my chest.
    Lizard walks and V-snaps need some work. Shamwows on my Knees

  4. squat clean practice was fun technique suffered a little bit with 135… 115 was good though.

    reps for WOD was 102+112+108=322

    Squats were with a 45 to chest
    KB Snatch was with a 40LBer
    Shamwow specials were ridiculous
    After everyone was gone i got brave and did “GRACE”
    couldnt do the 135 perscribed had to drop to 115 for 30 reps for time
    my time was either 5:32 or 5:42 i was so exhausted i couldnt hear what mike said…… great workout

    im off back to moncton till thursday guys train hard and ill be back in the gym thursday night….

  5. Rob you did Grace after what we did today?!? wtf man!

    Love the skill stuff before the wod! Lot of fun.

  6. Today was a coreable workout LOL…

    85+75+74= I DON”T GIVE A F&%) 234
    It’s amazing how some peoples numbers go up throughout the workout. It was a tough one. ShamWOW can shamon out the freakin door. Lots of people there today Which is great to see cause lots of people = Lots of energy…. I LOVE IT

  7. Wow this worked out was rough, shamwows were brutal. Laid on the floor for a few minutes afterwards before I could get up. Managed to crank out 311, good work guys looks like everyone had a crazy workout.

  8. Haha lol yeah jon I don’t know why I was thinking I’m paying for it now tho lol it’s a sweet workout tho grace is slot of fun I can’t wait till I’m able to do it with the prescribed 135lbs

  9. Third date with Mike and CFSJ, scored a 312…. I think I’m in love

    Nice work everyone!

  10. This one was hard for the simple fact that the movements were foreign to me. Shamwow specials, WTF . Good work out Mike, I like the fact that there is always something new to learn in your classes. Soared a 271, good thing thing there were squats involved