February 2, 2010

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A time slot will not be available today and I want to apologize for the inconvenience. As you may be aware of, CrossFit Saint John and Simply For Life have partnered up. They will provide our nutritional advice needs, and we will provide the physical component to their program. Together we have joined with K100 Radio and have a contest that is about to take place.

The Resolution Solution is about to begin and tonight is the administrative night. We will be having a meeting tonight with the contestants starting at 5:30pm. We will not be able to host a WOD during this time.  The meeting could go until 7 pm.

We are sorry about this and hope for your support during this fun adventure that is about to take place.

Now on the flip side, everyone is invited to stop in and introduce yourself to the winners of this contest. It involves five K100 staff members competing against five listeners in an 8 week fitness challenge. Bruce Sweeney will be there talking about nutrition and what they offer.  I recommend you stop in to listen to what he has to say as there is some great information to be shared.

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  1. Nice to meet (almost) everyone last night from the K100 Team and Team “Lean Green”!

    I’m not sure what else to say….Mike covered it ALL last night, but I’m excited for each of you starting into these next 8 weeks. Mike & Amy and Bruce & Co. are going to provide you all with so much that, once you start seeing and feeling the process working, you’ll continue on past the end of the 8 weeks!

    3..2..1..GO! <– you'll be hearing this a lot 🙂