February 2, 2010

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Today is a team day.

You will need to cooperate to get the job done.  There is a set # of reps to be done of each exercise. You will do this in pairs. If there is three in a group the reps go up. The first person starts and goes until they can no longer continue. Once that person stops, their partner has to do 5 burpees the carry on where they left off.

Example, “A” starts first movement goes to 21 and stops, “B” then does 5 burpees immediately then their first rep is 22 until they hit the wall….and so on and so on.

  • 150 Pull Ups
  • 150 Push Ups
  • 150 Sit Ups
  • 150 Squats

I will put all names in a hat and draw teams. The randomness will bring you together. Get ready to have some fun. And make sure you work as hard as you can to cut down on the burpees.


  1. Woot…

    200 Pull Ups – all kipping!
    200 Push Ups
    200 Sit Ups
    200 Squats
    Too many burpee’s to count.

    39 minutes, thanks to Amy & Allan.

  2. Russell, I think you mean Jon! LOL

    Michelle and I finished close to Russell/Jon/Amy…perhaps 30 seconds after? I don’t know…didn’t ask Mike the time on this one. We’ll say 39:30 for the record.

    Sorry for hoggin’ most of the squats Michelle….I just wanted to finish without either one of us doing any more *$%& Burpees!! 🙂

  3. ha, i suck at names, sorry Jon 😉

  4. Great work everyone,
    Greg, you and Michelle were approx 42:20…still an amazing job.

    Russell, Aimee and Jon…wow. All kipping pull ups. Crazy work.

    Mary Alice and Jay finished theirs first with some big efforts.

    Jackie and Scott brought in a close second with some big push through the push up and a ton of sit ups done by Jackie Chan…

    Thank you all for sticking it out despite the temperature….after the conversation I’m about to have with them, they’ll likely install a fire pit just to be sure…lol

  5. No problem Gary….er Russell. Thanks Aimee and Gary…darn!…Russell for doing all the work in the situps and squats. Aimee did 70 situps in a row…I went for a coffee Russell went over to the scout shop for a spell….still got under 40 minutes. Nice work boys and girls on the WOD! See you tomorrow if my arms don’t fall off in the tub tonight!

  6. 42:20? Unsanctioned!! UNSANCTIONED!!!


  7. Today was yet another excruciating day…..congrats to everyone on their amazing efforts in the frozen tundra today! Hope to see everyone tomorrow

  8. Everybody did so good. But for the teams and Greg who were able to do Kippings HATS OFF TO YOU not sure how u were able to finish.