February 4, 2010

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Today is Mark Anderson’s birthday. Wishing him all the best. We’ll have todays WOD for him. So he’s to blame. 🙂

Box Jumps
Handstand Pushups


And here’s a video with Deadlift coaching by Mark Rippetoe.


  1. Is this a hint that we’ll be doing some DL before the workout today?

  2. WOOOOOOO HOOOOOOOOO Deadlift day!!!

  3. Did this, this morning:
    Seven rounds for time of:
    95 pound Power snatch, 7 reps
    95 pound Snatch balance, 7 reps
    95 pound Overhead squat, 7 reps
    36 minutes, had to share the bar… probably wouldn’t have made a difference though, snatch balance is ridiculous.

    100 Burpee’s 9:21

    Arrived late only got to 5×235 on the deadlift before Wilkins got on me about my curvy spine… gassed out halfway through the wod had to switch to HSPU alternate at the 6’s because I couldn’t hit the floor with my forehead and get back up… don’t know what my time was, just know that Aimee is some sort of robot from the future.

  4. Deadlifts 3×5
    5×135, 5×235, attempted 265 – no go, 4×235 (failed last rep)

    WOD Time: 6:39

    – started with ‘Jolly Jumpers’ @ Bands #3 around the bar; #2 around me
    – got through 10, 9, and 4 of 8 (first 23 reps) this way
    – continued on stack of plates/box 20″ high to finish the final 32 reps

    HSPUs need a lot of work…..

    And holy crap Aimee….

  5. Wasn’t a very subtle hint was it?

  6. Deadlifts 4×5
    5×95, 5×115, 5×135, 5×155

    So I met my 2010 Deadlift goal so i guess I need to up it:
    New Goal 205 by the end of 2010.

    WOD time: 7:25
    Jumped on the tire and had very modified HSPUs. I really need to work on these.

  7. Maxed out DL’s at 285,

    WOD = 8:00 with band assistance

  8. WOD = 4:58.

    Gymnastics background sure helped me on this one!

  9. This WOD was fun I did it tonight when I got home from moncton did HSPU in the jolly jumper time was 4:45 sorry aims… I also did the WOD that all you folks did yestersay, me and sheldon tackled it head on it was a rough on I finished in 8:40 it was tuff to get thos last pushpresses in, good times can’t wait to see what tomorrow brings

  10. I love box jumps! Did this one in 7:52 but did the hspu on the tire, not quite ready for the bands yet but I’m working on it……

  11. Good workout brother – did it after my new unit’s fitness test – was wiped. HSPU after first 10 were done off Swiss Ball – argh – oh well pretty good since what happened this past summer! Cheers!