February 6, 2010

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WOD is ‘Death of Cards’

Everyone is dealt a hand, the trump that is flipped represents a movement, the number or face represents the reps required.

Exercises will be revealed upon arrival. Being your A game.


  1. 2 decks = 104 cards + 4 extra = 108 cards

    104 cards = 760 reps in the two decks
    4 extra cards, at at average of about 7 is 28 more reps
    We had about 788 “reps” to do between the 6 of us.

    Clubs = Rowing for calories
    Diamonds = Inch Worms
    Hearts = Burpee Pullups (bar)
    Spades = Medicine Ball Cleans 20lb ball

    In the end it broke down like this for me:
    44 calories Rowing
    39 Inch worms
    33 Burpee Pullups
    31 Medicine Ball Cleans

    147 reps total or 18.7% of the total available reps

    Yes, I have too much time on my hands.

    Good work today guys! Good to see Charles out giving it a go so hopefully he’ll be back for more!

  2. Wow Greg you do have too much time on your hands haha. It was a great workout again, burpee pullups suck! I gota pretty good variety in my deck though so I was pretty happy. Good work today guys everybody did really well and I second greg on hoping we see Charles again.