February 7, 2010

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i would like to start an information page or category. Everyone can throw in a question about nutrition, exercise, muscles, recuperation, whatever you can think of related to the CrossFit community. We will ask for questions to be submitted on Monday and Tuesdays, and we will pick a question to answer on Fridays. The answer will be a post added to the page. If we don’t know it ruhht off, we will have one of our expert partners answer it for us.

Ley me know what you think of this idea and we can have it put in motion or not.


  1. I think this would be a great idea especially on the ” what not to eat and the what to eat” side of it everyone could always use a little help in that category and I’m sure everyone has questions they would like to ask
    Great idea guys

  2. I like the idea!

    I’ve already got 27 questions lined up 🙂 j/k