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Posted by on Feb 7, 2010 in News | 3 comments

Short repping a WOD.

This is a concern for all CrossFit affiliates. And upon reading some posts on the main site, I found some opinions that I would like to share, then I would like you to comment and give your perspective.

Posted by Jesse Grey:
I think to begin with, there is a lot of gray area in what constitutes a short repped WOD. At one end of the scale, you have a competitive person purposefully omit a rep or two on a tough WOD to finally break a gym record; that’s flat out cheating. On the other hand you could just have a person who doesn’t count well when they’re really pushing it or someone who does all the reps but cheats the range of motion when fatigue starts setting in.
It’s been my experience that calling a person out is a touchy subject and has to be done in the right way. Of course you want everyone on the up and up but bringing this stuff out the wrong way can have poor results for everyone involved. If I catch a client doing it I’ll usually have words with them privately and explain that a) if they want to put a score on the board they need to have someone watching for the next few WODs and b) more importantly, they’re only cheating themselves. If they want make themselves less fit, that’s their prerogative but they would be better off just scaling the WOD in a standard fashion.

Posted by Ben Black, CrossFit Burnaby Central

Catching an improper count should be brought up immediately, and without being confrontational about it. If the one having missed the count, purposefully or not, argues, just mention that the disagreement can only be resolved by redoing the WOD under more scrutiny.

That usually shuts everyone up fast.

At CrossFit Saint John, I believe we are all doing a great job getting our work done.  I believe everyone is being honest. I just want to bring this up as I’ve had this discussion recently with other trainers and wanted to know what our members thought….Share please.

If someone were caught, how would you expect it to be dealt with?


  1. Good post Mike.

  2. I’ve got to say, I’m pretty anal about counting when I’m doing a WOD and I get pissed-off if I ever manage to screw up the count. However, there have been so many times where I’m just pushing, and at the same time do some math to figure out where I’m at, that I’m sure I’ve miscounted. For the better or for the worse, I really never have any idea. I’m confident, however, that miscounting rarely happens. We just have to get Mike/Amy to stop prescribing these algebraic calculations in the middle of WODs to figure out the number of reps for the next round for time! 🙂

    Needless to say, I take #6 very seriously from the “10 Ways to be a Better CrossFitter” post today.

    For me, I know that if I was ever “caught”, I’d just want the correction pointed out to me straight up. No hard feelings – call me out in front of other people. I f**ked up the count. It happens, but I know it’s a rare thing. I’m not competing in/for the CrossFit games. I’m not competing for bragging rights or to be the best CrossFitter in our gym. I compete against me from last week, who competed against me the week before and so-on.

    If I happen to compete against someone and they short-rep, I could really care less given the above paragraph. If my best on a day doesn’t score higher than someone else on the same day, but I improved over the last time I did the WOD, I walk away 100% happy about it.

    My $0.02.

  3. I agree 100 percent with what Greg has said. Being competitive is fun and drives all of us to do better. I love to look at the board and see a score or a time that is better than everyone or the majority, gives me a reason to come and keep coming and pushing myself, however times and scores mean little if the workout is not done properly. The workout should be what comes first, bearing down and getting it done or pushing your body to a point where it can no longer support your weight, the weight of the kettle bell, whatever, is first and foremost.

    I know that I have miscounted and I’m sure that the majority of us have at one point or another, not because we are cheaters or slackers, because I don’t think we have those at this gym, but because I’ve lost count, double counted or just tired out. My tabatta workout the other day could easily have been +/- 5 reps from what I thought.

    I, and I think I can safely say most people at this gym, want to be in the best possible shape they can be in. “Forging Elite Fitness”, who doesn’t want to be elite? We can only be so by doing the workouts to the fullest every time. If I’ve miscounted or you think I’m miscounting I don’t care if your Mike or Amy or Greg or anyone that comes here, let me know, I won’t reach my potential unless I perform these workouts as prescribed down to every last rep and neither will anyone else. I think a straightforward and honest approach should be taken by everyone to make sure the work gets done right.. no one likes cheaters and I know I sure as hell don’t want to be considered one.