March 2, 2010

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For Time:

21 – 15 – 9 with 500 m run between rounds and after last round.

Front Squat (135/95)

Hand Stand Push Ups

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  1. Hi Crossfit SJ- been working @ Crossfit Boulder, CO. (5 CF locations in Boulder) WOD are killer at elevation of 5280 !!!! but running outside is awesome @ 50 degrees farhenhiet. see you soon M.A.

  2. That’s so cool! I’ve been to Boulder it’s a sweet little town…university town, eh? Enjoy the scenery!

  3. 5:30am
    From OPT:
    Round 1
    Find your 1RM in 7 minutes of Squat Clean – Did 200lbs
    Round 2
    10,9,8,7,6,5,4,3,2,1 of 135lb Squat Clean
    Round 3
    3 sets of 30 Situps

    Todays wod was fun, nice to run even though it is cold 😉 Had to switch to the bands after the first 11 handstand pushups… think my time was over 17 minutes.

    100 Burpee’s 10:30

  4. Mary Alice!! I thought you dropped off the face of the planet! Glad to hear you’re tearin’ up the CF in Boulder! Boulder, CO is an awesome town!

    Today was a bad WOD and I wasn’t looking forward to it – my demeanor in the warmup would have been a REAL good indicator of my thoughts prior to starting.

    Time: 19:03….good for last place time-wise.

    Front Squats @ 135lbs – This was gross. Thanks for the push, Rob! The Power Cleans I used (there were 6 of them) got progressively worse as the WOD went on. The last one of the 15 round and the first one of the 9 round made the Form Gods weep.
    Broken sets went like 14+7, 5+5+5, 9.

    HSPUs: Feet elevated to just above hips.
    Broken sets went 7+7+7, 5+5+4+1, 5+4

    Running: This is what made this WOD brutal. It was slow going, but no stopping.


  6. Mary Alice your going to kick all of our butts when you get back

    We miss you!