March 5, 2010

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As many rounds as possible in 20 mins.

5 knees to elbows
10 box jumps
15 kettlebell swings

Post rounds


  1. wont be in today either, not in untill monday night

  2. is it weird that I like this WOD? probably!

  3. me too Karlene. but no place here for knees to elbows (assuming thats like knees to toes but easier)

  4. Good Workout today!!!

    10 rounds + 15 reps.

  5. This was a nice relaxing workout compared to yesterday. Which is good because I am a bit tired and stiff from yesterday.

    10 rounds + 10 reps
    30lb KB

  6. That was awesome…totally emptied the tank. 11 rounds exactly…good week too!

  7. Good workout today!
    Trying to learn and execute new (and odd) movements is tricky!
    9 rounds flat
    40llb KB

  8. Great job today everyone!

    Everyone is raising the bar in their workouts. Some examples of the top are Cameron and Jon going for the 24″ box jump. And Jon using the big bitch 70lb.

    Woody and I did this tonight at 7:30.
    She got 16 rounds in using a 40lb kb, and 20″ box.
    I tried to keep up but fell short with 15 + 11 reps, 70lb and 24″box.

    I am really happy with everyone this week. It was a tough week but you all gutted through it and did amazing.

  9. I did 10 rounds, ‘almost’ 11! I really liked this one. I kind of hated it too, though.
    I used the 30lb KB, rather than my usual 25. So i was pretty happy with my outcome!

  10. Correction 🙂
    I did not use the tire, I used the 20″ box.

  11. I think 12+ (using box). Where’s my results?