CrossFit Bowling!

Posted by on Mar 12, 2010 in News | 9 comments

CrossFit Bowling Day is a go!

Westside Bowlarama is the location, 12 pm is the start time.

They have been given an idea of what we may be doing and they are excited to watch!

Please advise if you are interested so we have an idea if we need more lanes or not.

Being anyone who is willing to participate or document this event.

Hope you all can make it!


  1. I’ll be there!

  2. I wish I could go. It sounds like fun but I will be in class from 9 -4.

  3. Sadly, I can’t make it Saturday afterall 🙁
    I’ll be in St. George, of all places, for a soccer tournament.
    I’m sad i’m going to miss it!

  4. i’ll be there with bells on

  5. I will be there!

  6. I’m IN for sure, o and by the way got my first and second muscle up and 35 double unders in a row big day for me I’m super pumped thanks everyone for the support especially mike and amy your great trainers and doing an awsome job, thanks to amie leblenc for always kicking my ass to making me strive to be better

  7. I find all of you guys amazing to watch and learn from!
    Congrats Robb! What a great accomplishment!

  8. Nice work Rob, knew the muscle up was very very close. last week you were only like an inch away!

  9. ….actually 35 DU’s in a row is pretty sick too! We didn’t even get sexy time!!