March 18, 2010

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5 Rounds of:

  • 7  Handstand Push Ups
  • 7  Thrusters (105/75)
  • 7  Power Cleans  (105/75)

Pic of the CrossFit Games 2009…


  1. love to do this one today! but its a rest day for me, and i can barely walk

  2. 5:30am
    6 Rounds
    Deadlift 225×3, rest 30 seconds
    3 Rounds
    20″ Box Jump x 20, rest 30 seconds
    3 Rounds
    5 x Handstand Pushup(used a 3″ mat), rest 30 seconds

    5 Rounds of:
    7 Handstand Push Ups
    7 Thrusters (105)
    7 Power Cleans (105)

    “Crazy 21” was a good time, couldn’t get my forehead to the floor … just happy I didn’t break any mirrors or crash into Jon 🙂

  3. Mike.. I just noticed I’m your hard ass judge tomorrow morning. *insert evil laugh here*

    • ah geez! At least we’ll have some good laughs…should be fun!

  4. “just happy I didn’t break any mirrors or crash into Jon ”

    I was taking you out Russell!! Side kick to the kidney on a failed hspu! I had a few failed hspu’s yesterday….stupid weak shoulders!

    Hey how did Janine get that fancy image of the gymnast ring when the rest of us have some wierd polygonal emoticon?

  5. lol, it was a little like thunder dome yesterday 😉 You have to set up a user account at to edit your picture I think Jon.