March 26, 2010

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We work on rowing and skipping today.

500 m row test  x 3

The three times will be averaged.

Rest period between will be spent on Double Under development.


  1. Rest period doing Double Unders. Is this really a rest?

  2. No, Parris, it wasn’t. It wasn’t at all. 🙂

    Row 1: 1:33.7
    Row 2: 1:38.7
    Row 3: 1:38.0

    Avg: 1:36.8

    I think I picked the wrong kind of day to challenge myself on double-unders. Today just wrecked me metabolically. I wouldn’t count any single-rep double unders, only 2 or more strung together counted towards my “30”. In the end I probably did near 150 instead of the 90, but in my last round I had some better numbers with a 7-stringer, a 12-stringer, and a 16-stringer (previous best was 10).

    Overall: disappointed with rowing but happy with DU improvement

  3. wow 16 in a row greg. thats great. your getting your consistent swing

  4. I had a great improvement in my rowing. All Three rounds were under 2min

    1: 1:56
    2: 1:55
    3: 1:59

    Still not feeling the double unders though. I was to tired after the rowing to jump. blahhhh

  5. crazy workout! everyone did great!
    3 round average was 1.33!

  6. did 3 rounds for time: row 500 m
    30 du’s
    20 kness 2 elbows
    TIME: 13:50, brutal, tired today

  7. 1:56:xx

    SO close to keeping them all under 2:00:00 but that last row almost did me in! Then I was stupid enough to go play soccer right after. Great workout though!