March 27, 2010

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Saturday, Death By Cards

We had a great group show up for our little workout.

The cards were shuffled and dealt out….and here’s what the movements were

Hearts – Suit Case Deadlifts

Diamonds – Burpees

Clubs – Ring Push Ups

Spades – Thrusters

Two decks, 7 people… dealt out twice….good times.

I want to comment about two of our newest clients, Parris and Jean-Francois (JF)

These guys came out and crushed the workout without hesitation. They did not have any quit in them and did these difficult movements that most would shy away from.

Now I don’t want to take away from the other crazy people who were present, but we already know that Greg, Ryan, Woody, Amy and myself are crazy….just wanted to add a few names to the list…


  1. I agree, well done Parris and JF!!

    JF, great job on the ring pushups, never quit!!

  2. Are you saying we are now crazy?
    and Thanks to those who provided the appreciated advice on squats!

  3. Yes, Parris, you are both now crazy.

    Welcome to the club! 🙂