April 7, 2010

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I hope you have recovered from the LJ20…..

Today it’s the “CFSJ Crippler!!!”

1 round
100x Burpees
On your way to 100 reps you mush perform 10x double under every minute on the minute  (DU’s can be substituted by 3 skips for each)

Amy was responsible for the LJ20….I’ll admit this one is my idea.

We’re taking nominations for most likely to be this person below after this one….Any takers???


  1. My vote is …. Ray … that is if he doesn’t stop and punch holes in walls as a result of him trying the double unders.

    Amy votes…. JF … since she had to run to get him the big bucket while he was finishing up the LJ20 🙂 (Great Job JF! Way to push yourself!)

  2. I think it will be me.

  3. WOooW…Thanks for making this a wicked last week for the contest! 😀

    I don’t know about puking, but passing out is a definite possibility!

  4. That is the last time I ever vocalize how much i hate this particular exercise…. 100 burpies would kill me. with my co-ordination takes about a minute and a half to do 10 double unders/30 skips so at least i’ll never get to the burpies

  5. Skipping…Gawd I hate skipping!! My five year olds can skip faster (and better) than me.

  6. Let the remodelling begin!

  7. so it will be 2 burpees – skip – this could take forever…. I have to leave by 1:15

  8. Since you don’t have all those urinals. We’ll just have to share the BUCKET!

  9. Let’s not waste a lot of time on chatting when warming up people 🙂

  10. Time: 14:38 (I think….I know it was in the 14′ somewhere)

    Deadlift work with Jon afterwards:
    135lbs x 5
    185lbs x 3
    225lbs x 2
    255lbs x 1
    275lbs x 1 (tied PR since starting CrossFit)
    295lbs x 1
    315lbs x 1 (tied all-time PR – June ’09)
    325lbs x F

    Jon….you rocked that WOD today – fantastic job!

  11. The lunch crew did an awesome job….everyone pushed through and a majority did and/or tried double unders.

    Great Job people!

  12. double unders make the difference in this. If you get the 10 quick you have time for more burpees during the minute. I would say I did good but MJ made me look like a slowpoke. Sub 7 MJ!

    As usual I forget my actualy time but it was like 7:30, Deadlifts after got to 345 which is the best that I can remember I’ve done. I thought I was going to punch a nun though. DL’s bring out a little Ronny Rage in me….damn! All good…except the nun thing…that’s not good and I wouldn’t condone it.

  13. I landed somewhere in the 9:56 range i think…. I should really start writing these down!!
    I started with double unders, but quickly switched to single skips, i kept tripping over the *&^! rope!

    Anyhow, Great workout!

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  15. Got this one in 8:46 I believe or thereabouts. Did straight single jumps the whole time, they were just faster, still need some double under work for sure. Great workout, had me floored at the end though wow.