April 13, 2010

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Borrowing a WOD from CrossFit Athlete Inside (www.crossfitai.com)

Team Cindy

30 Rounds
5 Pull-ups OR 10 Jumping Pull-ups
10 Push-ups
15 Squats

Rules: Teams of 2. Team members will alternate rounds. This means only 1 person on your team goes through the 5,10,15 while the other rests.

The group’s average time was about 29 mins….


  1. Ummm what happens if I’m the only person there at 7?haha

  2. ohh, i have a feeling i might have to show up for this one.. hands and all….

  3. Oww I hurt after this one.

    Aimee was my teammate and we did this in 24:55

  4. Only 3 people at 5pm so we all did a regular Cindy……14 Rounds + 2 Pullups.

    The pullups and the squats weren’t even effort. The &#$*$^% pushups held me back the ENTIRE time. Damn boobs.

  5. Great WOD! Love the total body workout and the endurance factor.

    Must apolagize to my partner though as I was a “boat anchor” on our time. ;o)