April 15, 2010

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Strength day

Warm up
2 laps around block

Deadlift 5 rounds to find 3 rep max.

Bench press 5 rounds to find your 3 rep max.

Must be in pairs. One coach at noon today.
Please offset your movements. 2 groups start bench press, and others start with deadlift.
Please ensure you are efficient as others are waiting.

Train hard and post your results


  1. I always like the strength days.

    3 rep max for deadlift is 185 (last time 155)
    Went for the 205 but my back started to round. I could lift it, but it just wasn’t pretty or safe.

    My chest was still super sore prior to the benchpressing but I managed to get 95lbs but I had some help on the third rep.

  2. No Bench today as I went for 4×5 yesterday on a whim post-workout.

    warmup 135×5, 135×5, 185×3, 225×2
    work 255×3, 265×3, 275×3, 285×2(F), 285×0(F)

    3RM = 275lbs

    Post-WOD Skill Work:
    I haven’t had the pleasure of using the 70lb Kettlebell yet so I did 3×20 swings with the Big Bitch to get a good feel for it. It’s a LOT different than the 50lb KB…..really have to pop those hips.

  3. Max Bench Press -> 275 lbs
    Max Deadlift -> 315 lbs (could do better once I get the form right)

    Would like to point out my previous max was 225 lbs.

    Also, Scott was able to get 315 lbs on the bench press (his personal best also). Congrats Scott on a huge effort!!!

  4. Nice job on the PR’s! Scott, nice work on the bench….that’s ginormous. Steve, 275’s not too shabby either.

  5. As I’ve stated before, my offer to Scott still stands: my legs for his arms. 😀

  6. Managed 225 on the deadlift (prev record for me was 165) and upped yesterdays record of 125 to 135 on the benchpresses