April 19, 2010

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Lucky #7

7 rounds
7x Push-press (95/65)
7x Push-ups
7x KB swings
7x Power cleans (95/65)
7x Burpees
7x Overhead squats (empty bar)

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  1. So this is lucky? Any time I see burpies I don’t feel lucky

  2. see it as lucky we didn’t say 20 🙂

  3. 30:11 as Rx’d with 50lb KB Swings & 95lb Overhead squats

    This was way worse than I thought it was going to be. Needless to say, I found the swings, power cleans, and overhead squats relatively easy compared to the pushpress, pushups, and burpees.

  4. 30:30 as Rx’d with 40lb KB Swings.

    This was way harder then it looks. I am with Greg – the pushpress, pushups, and burpees felt so hard.

  5. Everyone did a great job on this one!
    It’s funny to hear people say how they underestimated this one.
    It was interesting to watch others perform this one before I had a chance at it. It was rough.

    I did it with Ben, Chris, Matt, and Ryan. They were all going at a pace that had me going harder than I anticipated. It worked out.

    70lb kb, ring push ups, and stayed with empty bar on OHS.

    Shoulder hates me so much right now….but I hate it back so everything is in balance 🙂