May 5, 2010

Posted by on May 5, 2010 in WOD | 6 comments

AMRAP 20min

5 Pull Ups

10 Wall Balls

15 V Snaps


  1. Similar to the workout that we did at CF Bathurst last night. Cindy AMRAP (15 complete). Also, ran there and back from hotel (about 6k total). Tonight Bathurst does all running so I will drive there. See ya soon Saint John.

  2. 9 Rounds + 10 Reps

    V-Snaps are a tool of the devil.

  3. 9 rounds + 2 reps


  4. 7 rounds, 8 V-Snaps short of a 8th round

  5. …..damn, and I almost forgot: PR’d my Snatch afterwards @ 125lbs.

    I really wanted to hit 135lbs, but at 125lbs it’s still a bit shaky and isn’t consistent every time….next time!

  6. 13 rounds. Hands are nice and ripped now haha. Good workout.