Tuesday, May 25, 2010

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1,000m Row
50 Thrusters, 45lbs
30 Pull Ups

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  1. fun!

  2. hmm this one could make me puke.

  3. woot, last time was over 11 min… I got 9:16 on this one.

  4. i didn’t see my time … but it was a great work out!

  5. Aimee, you got 9:51….you beat Cam by 1 second 😀

  6. Mine was 12:??. My arms felt like jello after this one. Its been a while since I felt that that. This was a good one.

  7. 9:28, gassed a little early on the rowing, just couldn’t keep up to Greg. Good workout, was pretty winded afterwards for sure. Also good job to everyone that did this, there were some awesome times.

  8. After watching 7 people at noon and 3 people at 5pm do this WOD, my anxiety levels shot through the roof right before doing this at 6 with Ben.

    Time: 8:57

    Very shaky, had some cold sweats and kind of nauseated afterwards. Wow. All I can say about the rowing is that, for me, the damper on 9/10 is definitely my favourite setting!!

  9. 11:10