Monday, May 31, 2010

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3 x 3 rep max Power Cleans

AMRAP 20 Mins.

15x Squats (upgrade to empty bar on shoulders)
10x Push-ups (upgrade to ring push ups)
5x Pull-ups (try kipping if you don’t already have them)

We will be focusing stretching after the WOD.

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  1. i’ll be there as soon as im off work!

  2. I’ll be there at 5

  3. 14 rounds + 12 Squats. Happy birthday Mary!

  4. Max Power Cleans (3 reps): 215 lbs
    Workout: 13 rounds + 11 Squats

    Happy B-Day MA!!!

  5. I got pass that 95lb clean barrier!

    9 rounds + 4 Squats
    Squats with 45lbs
    Incline ring pushups
    and the lowest band that I could use for 5 pullups

  6. Good Job on all of those tire flips Mary Alice!

  7. … 205 for 3×3 Power clean

  8. I lost count… but i am pretty sure it was around 18 or 19 rounds.

    115 3×3 Power Clean

    Happy Birthday Mary Alice!!

  9. a great B-day celebration
    13-1/2 rds
    65 lb -PC
    quite a few -tire flips- with help from my friends

  10. Power Cleans: 155×3/175×3/185×3, 195 still eludes me..
    19 rounds for the workout, thanks to a lot of encouragement from Amy, got it by the skin of my teeth. Great job to the people I saw do it, Tom and JF pounded it out and Margot and Liz did it with me at 5 and had real strong performances, good job guys! As well as the other people on here, crazy numbers for sure especially Aimee! Happy Birthday Mary Alice, hope it’s a good one.

  11. power cleans- PR 3x- 225lb

    did 13 rounds , almost 14 but missed by 3 pullups to finish it 🙁 good workout tho!

  12. I gotta say, I’m thoroughly impressed with Heather’s performance this weekend! She nailed the 5k trail run and the last wod was phenomenal! Great job Heather! Keep up the great work!

  13. 3×3: 135, 155, 155 (was really concentrating on proper form for this, thanks to Amy, she was right beside me coaching me through. Could have done more, but had lost explosiveness and again, really wanted to ensure that good motion)

    16 rounds + 9 reps… Good to work out with you Tom

    Great job at the Games Heather!