Tuesday, June 8, 2010

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Teamwork Day

Strength: Press 3x3x3

We will partner people up randomly. There is a running component, and a strength endurance component.

While one teammate runs the block, the one left behind performs a movement for the duration of their teammates run. Once the runner enters the door, the seconds goes for the run while the first starts that movement immediately.

4 rounds

  • Plank holds
  • Ring holds
  • Burpees
  • Kettlebell Swings.

Come with the mindset that these movements are to be performed unbroken until your teammate arrives.

Runners, keep in mind that if you sandbag it, it can come around to you too.

This event will be timed but focus is on intensity and development of mental toughness to get through both the run and the movements.

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  1. ……Shit

  2. Not going to make the lunch crew today – set the bar high Nooners!!

    Aiming to make 5pm today.

  3. be there at 6 pm!

  4. 16:something (40s maybe). All speed is attributed to Tom because I sure wasn’t quick with a first block at 2:03 and they get slower from there.

    Prisoner squats instead of burpees.

  5. Aimee and I killed it in 16:29, might have been faster if she didn’t stop for to flirt with some random off the street

  6. Hey JF – there was only a little flirting… the man was going to give me a parking ticket!! We did kill it though

    • Unbelievable….I tried flirting with the guy last week and I still got the ticket! I thought I had a decent smile.

  7. Maybe he only likes blondes?