Wednesday, June 16, 2010

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Work with Squat Clean 3 x 3 rep max

Team Deadlift Ladder

1 – 10 – 1 ladder. (135/95)

Teams of 2, bar is not to be set down until reps are completed, rest bar on thighs if required. #1 does reps, sets bar down, #2 does reps

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  1. Well, today was going to be a rest day, but I may just have to give this a shot. I bought some straps this morning, so we’ll see if they take enough of the weight from my hand for this. If not I guess I’ll sub good mornings?

  2. Teamed up with JF on this one.

    Time: 7:06 as Rx’d

    God bless the hook grip!

  3. Did this one with Ray and Aimee


    + 50 burpees for penance (Wayne and Mike knows why)

  4. Deadlifts!!
    Who doesn’t love deadlifts?? Love this WOD.

  5. 5:57 with Dave at 135lbs. I am toast, great workout though.

  6. yeah great partner today! haha 5:57! then had to do 20 burpees bc of a crazy lady …but i wont mention any names 🙂 good job everyone!

  7. You’re lucky Dave…I hear you only had to do half of the required amount.
    Using the C word 4 times….what were you thinking? 🙂

  8. what can i say! im from ripples, i dont have a very big vocabulary! lol 🙂