Thursday, June 24, 2010

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We row today.

How it will be done is this. We base everything off our 500 m time. A solid time  for guys on the 500 m row is 1:30min, for the ladies is 1:45min. For every 5 secs over 1:30min, you add 10 reps to the following exercises.  We will be doing this for 3 rounds, and obviously your rowing output will determine how much work is to follow.

Starting reps will be 5 of each:

  • Leg Raise With Hip Rise
  • Med Ball Slams
  • Spider Man Push Ups

Here are the row results of similar WOD on February 26, 2010

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  1. Last thing I see before going to sleep. Going to have nightmares tonight.

  2. Nick – This is your fault, because of your comment yesterday. You know that right?

  3. Haha ! Really looking to push it here! Everyone is gonna kill it! Yeah, yeah, lol

  4. I really do not like this one….

    127.1 – 131.5 – 134.7

  5. So far we’ve had some great success from people.
    We’ve had some who have improved by a few seconds, some who maintained…and some who have vomited a little…
    All in all this is a get Metabolic stimulator…. come get some people!

  6. Wow Steve, you killed it. If I’m interpreting the WOD right you didn’t have to do more than the 5 reps/exercise?

  7. I really hate this one…… I am the one who fits into all three of your categories Mike.

    Round 1 1.45.9 – improvement from last time
    Round 2 1.53 – puked in my mouth at about 220m left 🙁
    Round 3 1.58.7 – struggled from vomiting but maintained as much as i could…

    🙂 rowing is a love/hate relationship

  8. Aimee….I see no room for “love” with respect to rowing! 😀

    I regressed from last time with this one…..too inconsistent with the workouts over the last month.

    1:32.7 – 1:40.9 – 1:45.9
    5 reps – 25 reps – 35 reps of the exercises

  9. Anxiety was my worst enemy this time. Overall I bested my rowing numbers from my benchmark last Friday by a good margin.

    1:37.x, 1:39.x, 1:40.x

  10. That’s right, I did not have to do more than 5 reps. It helped a great deal rowing besides Mark. He nailed this one also.

  11. My times improved over all, but I forgot what they are. I didn’t get to finish my reps because I had to leave.