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If you have any media contacts, can you pass this onto them. I’ve contacted a number of people, but more awareness will hopefully increase the success.

Local business is asking Saint John Residents to Pull Together for the United Way

 CrossFit Saint John is organizing a bus pull in support for the local United Way.

 SAINT JOHN, N.B. – June 29, 2010 – CrossFit Saint John, a local fitness facility, today announced it has organized a bus pull for August 22, 2010 to raise funds for the United Way serving Saint John, Kings and Charlotte.  The event will be held in the King Square area of the uptown beginning at 11 am. Members of the community are encouraged to come out and cheer on the teams. Twenty teams are expected this year, raising $10,000 for the United Way. 

 “We are very appreciative of CrossFit Saint John for taking the initiative to organize this fund raiser for the United Way,” said Elizabeth Jadoo, Executive Director of United Way.  “Our United Way supports over 100 local charities in various capacities and relies on the support of community members to continue our necessary work.”

 The fund raiser is the brainchild of local entrepreneurs Mike Jackson and Amy Wilkins and has teams compete in a head-to-head competition pulling two Saint John Transit buses a distance of approximately 100 meters. Teams will be competing in heats with prizes awarded for the fastest time and most money raised.  Each team will consist of 10 team members and they are encouraged to bring spectators to take part in the event.

 In its second year, Mike and Amy hope more local businesses and sports teams will put teams together for this unique and fun event.  “The focus of the event is raising awareness of United Way’s role in our community and providing the participants an enjoyable experience while entertaining the spectators,” says Mike. 

 About United Way

United Way serving Saint John, Kings and Charlotte is in its 51st year of service to the local community, annually funding 24 member agencies, over 60 donor-designated agencies and other community agencies with specific programs and new initiatives.  Individuals and families of all ages, from children to seniors and persons with disabilities benefit from vital programs and services ranging from hot meals to education and independent living to palliative care, improving quality of life for all.

 About Crossfit Saint John

CrossFit Saint John is owned and operated by Mike Jackson and Amy Wilkins, and provides coaching and functional training in a safe environment, without all the dressing up and distractions. You learn to train safely and effectively. The great thing about CrossFit is that it can be suited to any fitness level, any body type, and any age group. If you have the motivation and are ready to work…this is the place for you!     More information is available at:

 How To Register

All interested are welcome to view registration details at the following website: For more information, please email

 Media Contacts:

 Mike Jackson                                             Elizabeth Jadoo

CrossFit Saint John                                   United Way serving Saint John, Kings and  Charlotte

506-650-4040                                            506-658-1212                     

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  1. Dear CrossFit Saint John:

    My name is Ben Knight and I am one of two charity representatives for the Lady Beaverbrook Residence at UNB Fredericton. This year, my residence is looking to create a new charity event to support the ALS Society of Canada. After brainstorming several options, we came up with the idea of having a bus pull competition between residences to raise money for the charity.

    After searching around on the Internet, I discovered to my excitement that CrossFit Saint John has run a similar event before. As such, I am writing you to ask a couple questions about the logistics of organizing such an event. They are as follows:

    1. What kind of process do you have to go through to get buses for the event? (i.e., Do you rent the buses for the day, do you pay bus drivers, etc.?)

    2. Are there any insurance/safety issues that you had to deal with?

    3. How many people did you find was adequate for pulling a bus?

    4. What kind of attachment (rope, harness, etc.) did you use to pull the bus?

    I would be quite thankful for some insight from CrossFit Saint John on how to run such an event. We’d really love to get this rolling as an annual charity for our residence at UNBF and could certainly do with the advice from a group who has experience with bus pulls!


    Ben Knight