July 1, 2010 – Canada Day

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Happy Canada Day!


  1. Accidentally did a 10Mile Race today.

    Got signed up for the 10K Grand-Bay Canada Day race. The whole morning I had to hear about how I hadn’t been logging enough mileage to be able to do even a 10k. People kept suggesting I drop down to the 5k race.

    Got going. Had a steady fast pace. Missed the 10k turn off and got stuck in the middle of the 10Milers. By the time I found out, it was too late and I plugging away.

    My first race (if I don’t count the stilleto 100 yard dash from last night). Very pleased. Had good stamina through to mile 4. Had been passing people up to that point. From then until mile 7, I tagged along with a small running group. Good pace, and they were taking appropriately dispersed rest. Mile 8 killed me. What’s funny is that it was the same feeling from yesterday’s 100 Hang power cleans that came over me. Or even the feeling from doing a Filthy Fifty. That gut wrenching mental barrier, telling you “Why the hell you doing this? You don’t got to do this. Those other guys… There a special breed… that you JF… are not.” Some body part is yelling to me “Not feeling too comfortable right now! How about you don’t push as hard. It doesn’t really matter”

    But, as I trucked through them hell of workouts, so did I truck through mile 8. Mile 9 was much better. Finished strong. No stopping. Good pace. Kept my head held high.

    Pleased with my performance (especially for my first, and seeing as I have never even ran a 5k yet, even in training). Finished in 1:44. I take that as a 10minute mile pace on average.

    Want to thank Mike and Amy, the training, the group, and the constant competition at Crossfit Saint John. This training works. Constant variation. Working on your weaknesses. Getting the proper coaching you need. And a great community of athletes from varying backgrounds and abilities that make for an encouraging atmosphere to better myself. I know for a fact that I would NOT have done that race 4 months ago (before starting up at CFSJ), and if I did, I would have quit long before mile 4.

    Crossfit pushes me through my barriers. Makes me balanced. And takes a lot of the guess work out of training, because it is laid out in front of me.

    Thanks again for all the support. I’ll see you all tomorrow at the gym.

  2. Wow, congrats JF, that’s quite the accomplishment to say the least. But on the same token I’m not surprised that you could pull that off, this program preps you so well for so many different physical endevours by kicking your ass and not letting you quit. I know I’ve seen a huge improvment in my judo since starting and I know the sentiment has been echoed by lots of the others that go here in relation to their sports or activities. This is a definite win for cfsj, awesome.