Tuesday, July 6, 2010

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For Time:

Run Lap

21-18-15-12-9-6-3x reps
Front squats (135/95)
Leg Raise Hip Pop

Run Lap

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  1. 21 something as Rxd

    That last lap is BRUTAL!!!

  2. 26.30 (or 25.30 still not thinking to straight this erl in the morning) as Rx’d

    Used the rack as opposed to clean-ing it. Last lap is a brutal one. Looked more like speed walking for me, than running

  3. 25:03 as Rx’d

    I really need to cut out the in-WOD resting….probably could’ve shaved 2+ minutes off my time today from that!

  4. 23 something as Rx’d.
    Amy W. ran the last lap with me. (thanks) Not sure if it was for coaching or liability issues that I may die along the way!!! ;o)

    Watching Gregg flip the tire for 33 reps after made me nauseous!!!

  5. Oh yeah! I don’t know how I could possibly forget the tire flips!!!

    And it was 32, not 33 😉

  6. 18:50
    That last run was BRUTAL! Happy Birthday Greg, you’re older now so no more resting in WODs

  7. I’ve been putting the decision off all day, but I don’t think I’m going to make it today – starting this workout as nauseous as I’ve been all day would not be a good idea. Looks fun though.

  8. Happy Birthday Greg

  9. 15:37 with 95lbs

    I had no appreciation of how brutal the last run really was till I did it myself! It felt as tho each one of my legs weighed 100lbs!