Thursday, July 8, 2010

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After warm up, we will run a lap and will be recording it on wall for your best time. We will time run for 400m.

We wait until all have completed then we do WOD below.

For Time:

Reps 10 ⇒ 1 Turkish Getups
Reps 1 ⇒ 10 Wall Ball

With each round, one set of reps go down as one goes up

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  1. Run = 1:06, Much easier to get around the block with no hot dog distractions in the early morning;)

    WOD = 19:26 (I think)
    40lb KB and 20lb Med

    Get ups were a big struggle and nearly fell over a few times but a great workout!

  2. Run = 1:28, felt like the fat kid in phys. ed. class when running behind Cam

    Cam: your time was 19:38
    Mine was 19:50 with 40lb KB and 20lb med

    Would say that it isn’t completely necessary to go over 50lbs for the Turks. I was getting wobbly at the end of the WOD there with just using 40

    Didn’t get to the 24 hour WOD I was talking about yesterday. Was getting super psyched out for it, but found out of the funeral of a friend from elementary school. Going to go to that instead, and postpone the 24hour WOD for another time

  3. Run: 1:13

    WOD: just squeaked in under twenty minutes with 19:59

    20lb Medicine ball and 40lb Kettlebell
    TGUs were MUCH easier on the right side than the left.

  4. Oh, and just for fun, the world records for the 400m sprint is 43.18 seconds (men) and 47.6 seconds (women).

  5. Run 1:07 (no hot dog vendor’s were harmed during the filming of this sprint…)

    Don’t know who invented Turkish Get Up’s but D@mn! Did 35’s on right side, 25’s on the left side, (’cause I’m a big wuss) and 60llb kettle bell swings for wall balls.

    43.18 seconds?? Are you kiddin’ me…

    • They don’t have to cut the 90 degree corners or hurdle the various crackheads and hot dog vendors on the trackp
      You guys are rocking the run.

  6. Run 1:14 i will be trying this every day and i will get you Cam 😉 even if it takes running over the hot dog vendor..

    WOD: 15:05

  7. Run: 1:15
    WOD: 24:52

  8. Now there’s an interesting WOD…Crackhead Hurdling…I like it.

  9. 1:31 for the run. I think the run could have been a couple seconds faster.

    30.00 on the wod with 30lb. Tried the 35 for the first 5, but it didn’t work with the left hand.

  10. 14:05 with a 40lbs kb and a 20lbs my forearms are going to be super bruised haha. Good job guys, some great times today.

  11. It took me forever to do this. I really took my time and focused on keeping my arm locked. I think if I just did the turkish getups faster vs really focusing on each movement it would have been alot easier. 33:28 with 25lbs