Friday, July 16, 2010

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Please come as early as possible so you can get warmed up for what we have in mind. We are going to have some exposure to the public.

Once that is done, we will go over the power snatch progressions, the Burgener Warmup….then….


75 pound Power snatch, 75 reps for time.

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  1. 13:48, and I expect to have a bruised chin after a solid self inflicted whack to the face with a dowel.

  2. Man, it was a lonely ole lunch today!
    Nick, Jon, and I flippin’ a tire 400m only to be punished with Power Snatches by Mike and Amy.
    Great learning session today!

  3. 8:32, 1:28 faster than last time I tried it. I guess we should flip tires before each WOD…..?

  4. That can be arranged…lol

  5. Great job everyone at 5!! There was a lot of screaming and grunting going on!!! Not to mention sweat dripping! I was able to beat my time by close to 15 seconds I believe! 4:52

  6. Yeah the 5 o’clock session was awesome, lots of people to flip those tires. Unfortunately due to a little bet on the tire flip race, myself, Chris and Tom had to do 100 snatches. Time for the 75 was 5:31, finished the hundred in I think 8:30ish may have been a little higher. Good work today guys!

  7. Was shooting for 10 minutes but ended up at 10:23. Lots of room for improvement. The 5 o’clock crew was a big crowd for once! 🙂

    Ben – I don’t know about you….steroids!! 😉 Awesome job on this WOD!