Wednesday, July 21, 2010

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21-18-15-12-9-6 reps

  • Toes To Bar (knees to elbows)
  • Dips (bar or rings)
  • Squats Jumps (hands on head)
  • KB Swings

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  1. Mike….you’re just so mean! 😉

  2. The sad part is that I’m doing this to myself as well 🙁

  3. This looks gross!

  4. Time: 20:49

    T2B for 21 then K2E the rest of the rounds; form too wonky on T2B
    Dips on boxes with feet up.
    KBS 21x50lbs, then 60lbs for the rest.
    1 nasty-ass torn callous.

  5. 22:11 as Rx’d…Dead Last!
    However, I got my big ole feet up to touch the bar on each rep during this WOD so I’m happy with it. Actually, I’m just happy to see my feet again! Ha ha ha…
    Greg’s hand was just plain ole nasty…

  6. 16:09

    T2B, dips on tires, KBS 45lbs

  7. 20:25. Had to switch to leg raises after the set of 15 T2B to save my hands. Did Ring dips and 60 lbs KB swings.