Thursday, July 22, 2010

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Team WOD for time.

Partnered up.

One Person Rows 350 meters, the other(s) perform the task until they switch. Repeat this until all stations have been completed.

  • Burpees
  • Turkish Getups (40/25)
  • Deadlift (135/95)
  • Double Unders

Each person switches positions but the length of time performing the movement is determined by the current rower. Once rower has completed their distance, everyone switches and a new rower is in place. Repeat entire sequence twice.

Overall time completed is recorded.

Check out this link for a sweet Box Jump Record attempt.


  1. JF and Cam came at 6am and did the following:

    First Rowed 500m, second did burpees til they were done then switched.
    First then rowed 400m, the second did Turkish Getups 40lbs then they switched.
    Then the first did 300 m row, second did deadlifts of 135lbs then a switch.

    They completed this in 22:+ min

  2. That white boy can jump…

  3. 14 something with Scott and Ray. Had a bit of a rough go on the rower today but Scott and Ray blew through it and did an awesome job.

  4. As fun as this one sounds, today is feeling like a rest day. See you all tomorrow.

  5. Great effort today between the two teams! Everybody was grinding reps out to help each other through this WOD…Awesome.

    I especially liked those “turkey getups!” (as Mike put it…)

  6. See all you guys on the 10th! Don’t you all get TOO good by then!

  7. ok! great workout! ….but this big man does NOT get up very well! hahaha