Wednesday, July 28, 2010 (Nancy)

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We start with Muscle Up Progressions….




 5 Rounds

  • Run  400 m

  • 15 Overhead Squat (95/65)

Will approach K100 and see if we can do this outside in their parking lot. Want to get a true WOD time.

Take a moment, and click HERE to read an article that is about training in our environment.


  1. bah! i always miss all the good ones! today im going haying all day! good luck everyone!

  2. how many reps for the ohs?

  3. Nancy is usually done with 15 reps of OHS

  4. Just updated it…sorry, posted this when I was half asleep lol

  5. Unfortunately, Nancy kept me on my “toes” with overhead squats and reeked havoc with proper form.
    I’m not sure but I may have flexiblity issues! Ha ha ha…

  6. Overheads are all about flexibility….cavs and lower legs, hammies, ITB, lower back, anterior core, shoulders, wrists. We know there’s no power issues Ray!