Thursday, July 29, 2010

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3 Rounds – 5 movements – 1 minute max reps each – 1 minute rest

  • Kettlebell Swings (50lb/35lb)
  • Ring Push Ups
  • Floor Wipers
  • Rowing (calories)
  • Box Jumps (m-stacked tires/w-24″)

Post score and comments


  1. I started to sweat just reading this WOD…

    Also, saw a 1:05 min Grace last night on YouTube…Form was not the best but the weight was flying…

  2. Back in town, will be in for 6 tonight.

  3. Great workout today…

    Score: 244 as Rx’d +
    KB swings (70llb!)
    Ring push ups
    Floor Wipers 95llbs
    Box jumps (used stacked tires for first time)

  4. Score:240
    50lb kb swing
    Ring Pushups, but not very many
    75lb floor wipers, 50lb kb swing
    2 tire jumps