UPDATE – All Hands On Deck!!!

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Just got word that the Bus Pull is a go for tomorrow at noon. We meet at the gym first. Please be there by 12 if not earlier….

Can we get as many of you to join us as possible. Even if you are typically evenings, could you try to make it for noon so we can have as many bodies available to do this.

We meet at the gym then run down to Water St.

This will help promote the Bus Pull event next weekend

Related Press Release

Saint John August 12, 2010 – CrossFit Saint John will be putting on a demonstration tomorrow at noon in the uptown Saint John area. As a promotional event, CrossFit Saint John will be pulling a Saint John Transit bus along Water St, starting just beyond Duke St up to King St. This will take place during the noon hour. CrossFit Saint John hopes that this will raise awareness for the upcoming fund raising event taking place on August 22, 2010 where they hope to raise money for the United Way.
Next weekend’s event will be 2nd annual event where CrossFit Saint John will have teams pulling a Saint John Transit bus, in teams of 10, along a set distance in a race. Many different people participated last year and had a great time while raising money for a great cause. This year will be no different. The event is set to take place at the Exhibition Park as part of the Alpine Lager Saint John BBQ Festival (www.sjbbq.ca) and begins at 2:30pm. It is hoped that many teams come and ‘Pull together for the United Way’.
The goals of tomorrow’s bus pull is not only to raise awareness of the event but also shed any fears and intimidation of the same. A team of 10 is very capable of pulling a bus and CrossFit Saint John is going to prove it.
For more information on the 2nd Annual CrossFit Saint John Bus Pull, please go to www.thebuspull.com for all related information.
Mike Jackson & Amy Wilkins
CrossFit Saint John


  1. Hell yes!

  2. I’m washing/drying my CF Saint John t-shirt right now 😀

  3. I’m in.

  4. Sweet. I hope to have good news by noon tomorrow

  5. 0845hrs, made the phone call, will wait til 1030hrs before I head to SJT and ask in person

  6. I’ll have my CF shirt pressed and ready to go…