UPDATE – Friday, August 13, 2010

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We need to change our plans.

The source we relied on for the ropes to pull bus have apparently met with complications. We will not have rope thus not be able to pull bus.

So we are back to the gym for a WOD

5 Rounds for time

  • 100 metre walking lunges with plate overhead (35/15)
  • 10 Burpees
  • 5 Dead hang Pull Ups

Post comments and time

Take a moment to read this article posted in the CrossFit Jounal. Anyone who consumes the odd can of a stimulating substance should take a look. I’m guilty of this along with many others. Keep in mind, some of scenarios are pretty dramatic and make you think to yourself (what an idiot!!!) but it gets the point across.

Click HERE to go to article.

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  1. Mike,

    I won’t be there. In Toronto until Monday.

    Sorry I’m missing out on this grand event.

  2. Not coming today.. I thought we were pulling a bus

  3. Man, I’ve been talking about getting off coffee for so long. I might give it a hard go after reading this. The cortisol is a big one….Robb Wolf from Crossfit NorCal is a biochemist, paleo-diet expert and crossfit trainer (among other things). he talks a lot about the cortisol release issue. Basically it interferes with a lot of goals you might be trying to achieve in the gym. Definitely makes it really hard to burn fat, if that’s your goal. Bottom line…get some sleep.

  4. Boooo…Rope guy.

    I have a better idea… We can DEADLIFT the bus!

  5. DEADLIFT the bus?! I’d be up for it

    34:35 (24 seconds behind Ms. Birthday Girl) semi-prescribed. I’d bring along some knee pads the next time so I wouldn’t be as scared to get down low

  6. Yowzas! What a crazy WOD – longest one to-date for me I think!

    Time: 50:18, if I remember correctly. Seconds don’t matter at that point! 🙂

    35lbs first round, 25lbs last four rounds
    5 “angry” chest to bar pullups every round

  7. 41:50ish… I think.. I didn’t care so much about the time as the fact that I was done. Great job everybody! Happy Birthday to Aimee.. I’m sure that was the birthday celebration she had in mind when she woke up today 😛

  8. 36:53 as RX’d…Longest one for me for sure. Body is very angry at me right now.

  9. I don’t remember my time. Thank god JF was 24 seconds behind me 😉 34:11 first two rounds with 25lb plate then went down to the womens rx’d 15lb plates. That is exactly what I wanted with my hair all done! Now I can barely move!!

  10. Check out the main site (crossfit.com) Picture of the day for Monday August 9. See if you can find any familiar faces:)

  11. “Well, GOOD MORNING to you too butt!… WHAT?! You didn’t enjoy the 500 metres of walking lunges from yesterday?… And imagine you’re just going to whine and complain today, now aren’t you?… Well suit yourself.”

  12. Omfg my body hates me!!! Total body sore ande then got super burnt out building the house in 35 degree sun !hahahaha. ! Oh and great, I have to workout again tomottow haha 🙁

  13. My butt agrees with JF’s butt. It’s two days later and I’m still walking like I got caned. 🙂

    • Alright…. Executive decision has been made. Friday’s wod is off the list. We have people’s butts talking to one another and someone feels canned. Not exactly the goal of the wod….. But yet very entertaining