Sunday, August 15, 2010

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For those who may be available to join us, we’ll be heading to gym to clean floors for time.


  1. Would if I could, but stuck at work tonight

  2. Il try and get up that hill but my legs are still mad from Friday

  3. Big thank you to Jamie, Nick, Michelle and Ben for coming by and lending a hand with the cleaning of the floor.
    We did the entire surface in about an hour…a job that normally takes me about 3.5 by myself….

    Sooooooooo …. we are going to encourage everyone to start cleaning up after themselves a bit…. 🙂

  4. ….Greg.

  5. Can’t help it. I have a lot of weakness to lose apparently. 😀

    I think I should have my own sponge and bucket, though.

  6. Not going to lie….I’ve got a few ideas in mind for you…lol
    Apparently Amy doesn’t think wrapping you in Shamwows is a good idea….so we’re going to come up with something else….