Thursday, August 19, 2010

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CrossFit Total

  • Back Squat, 1 rep
  • Shoulder Press, 1 rep
  • Deadlift, 1 rep

The CrossFit Total is the sum of the best of three attempts at the squat, the press, and the deadlift

Click HERE for the explanation for the CrossFit Total

Post total to comments.


  1. 580 – first attempt at the Total in awhile.

  2. This takes a bit of time…please get to gym early so we can complete this within the hour.

  3. And I would highly recommend everyone do this in the presribed order.
    You do not want to try a back squat or press when your back and core are fatigued from deadlifts….

  4. Ok! So I might have a dilemma, I may be at work til 615 tonight due to a guy comming in late. I won’t be doin the back squat bc I have a hard enough time with form on an air squat haha. Is it ok to make it in then!

  5. you”re pushing it! yeah no problem

  6. Back Squat: 275 – 305 – 325 (F)
    Shoulder Press – 165 – 175 – 185
    DeadLift: 325 – 375 – 405 (F)

    CT: 305 + 185 + 375 = 865

  7. So I says to MJ…”Can you give me an alternate WOD ’cause my shoulder’s still wonky?”
    So he says “sure, here’s the Filthy 50” and Amy volunteers to supervise…

    Cue Fight or Flight response…:o) I should have run…

    Filthy 50 in 30:56

  8. You had the choice of either doing 3 reps or 450 reps and you went for 450 thinking it would be better for your shoulder?

  9. 255 back squat, failed at 280. 145 press and 355 deadlift (new pr!). Total is 755. A HUGE congrats to Dave on setting a new pr and gym record on the deadlift, I’ll let him post his numbers.

  10. didn’t do the back squat b/c of lack of comfortness with weight on my back wheni am not able to do a proper air squat yet! haha ..did 175 press(barely) and managed to squeeze out 465 on the deadlift. Not to bad but want to get a really crossfit total with a legit back squat:(

  11. Back squat – 225,255,275
    Press – 135,175,185
    Deadlift – 315,365,395

    Total – 855

    Congrats Dave on the monster deadlift… Must have been a tight squeeze getting that weight on the bar!

  12. Back squat – 185 195pr 205pr
    Press – 95 105pr 115pr
    Deadlift – 305 315 325pr
    Total – 645

    Booyah 😀

    Dave your deadlift is frightening…but awesome

  13. Squat 185, 215F, 215F
    press 95F, 105F, 95
    deadlift 275, 295F, 285F

    Total = 555

    Terrible day for strength considering I’ve previously completed each of those failed attempts. Feeling underfed today.

    Dave, you’re a beast – your two lift total trounces my 3.