Tuesday, August 24, 2010

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We run the block, work on Overhead Squats, then….

Say hello to Annie…. She’s into touching her toes and whipping … (Click on Annie’s name… Spealer doing this WOD…crazy fast)

50 – 40 -30 -20 -10

  • Double Unders
  • Sit Ups

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CrossFit Journal Item:

Why’d You Miss? by Jeff Barnett, CrossFit Impulse – August 2010

Maybe you weren’t strong enough to make the lift, or maybe something else went wrong. Jeff Barnett offers a non-exhaustive list of reasons why the iron didn’t move.




  1. 13.26… 4-5 minutes longer than everyone else. Wasn’t stringing double unders together and I screwed up my form on sets 40 and 30 which made for some ugly skipping. Is a “do over” in order? I do say so.

  2. I just checked my time from December 10th 2008 and it was 8:47. Today I got 8:47. I don’t know what this means.

    • Another contestant for a do~over. I think Aimee said the same

  3. Second attempt: 11.28

    Double unders still not strung together, but the single-than-double routine was done quicker

  4. PR’d with double unders! Then my rope broke. I will do a “do over” tomorrow 🙂 time 9:35

  5. I did yesterday’s workout first and I got 10 rounds. Did Annie afterwards in 15:17.. I suck at doubleunders, started to string them together at the end though which I was happy about.

  6. I didn’t expect to be fast with this one, and I was right, but I’m still really pleased with my 14:17 and 10 consecutive double under pr. I think Annie may be on my list of favorites.