Wednesday, August 25, 2010

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Death By Power Snatch/Overhead Squat (95#65#)

One Power Snatch and One Overhead Squat first minute, then two of each the second minute, then 3 of each the third minute and so on until you do not complete the required reps within that minute.

Post Rounds completed


  1. Looks like a lot of fun, and I’d love the opportunity to work on the more technical lifts, but today is a rest day – dragon boat practice tonight.

  2. This looks like Aimee doing a muscle-up on the bar.

    Except she’s not bald.

    Or in a yellow/green unitard.

    Or overweight.

    Or a man.


  3. Haha! Thanks Greg! I actually have a yellow/green unitard though. i will wear it today 😛

  4. please do aimee!! that would be a crack up!

  5. Did Annie today instead – I’m saving my “old man” shoulder for the Oly Cert this weekend.

    Time: 12:10

    Double-Unders were good; for all reps there were about 9-10 sets.
    AbMat Situps w/ 25lb plate on feet – this was the bulk of the time; really focused on not using feet/hip flexors to do the movement which slowed me down lots. Plus, I found these harder than normal situps.

  6. 8 rounds, got 8 in on the way down, failed at 7, decided to finish it off anyway.. Not a great decision haha.

  7. 8 rounds, got 7 on the way down, failed on 6

  8. I missed overhead squats (and unitard day) today…Awwww…Shucks!

    Did a WOD in the hotel gym tonight instead and there were no barbells…Amen.