Thursday, August 26, 2010

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21 ~ 15 ~ 9
Deadlift (155#/105)
Handstand Push Ups

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  1. Well this was a fun one to start the day with. 6:43 with HSPU scaled with feet on tires.

  2. I’ll be in at 6! Can’t wait!

  3. Its like Christmas morning….Deadlifts are like presents and Handstand Pushups are like having to put up with a Cranky family.

  4. Time: 7:33

    Deads as Rx’d.
    HSPUs with #3/#4 ‘Jolly Jumper’

    Blew through the first 64 reps (of 90) unbroken then fell over on the 8th rep of HSPU. Couldn’t kick my legs back up and when I could, could only squeeze out 3-4 reps at a time. Talk about pooping the bed!

    I heart pressing….
    I heart pressing…
    I heart pressing..
    I heart pressing.


  5. 5:49 with pushups on my knuckles…

  6. used 185 for the deadlifts and scaled hspu with knees on the box! time was 2:30! then i rowed 2500 meters!