Plans for September 2010

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We have had a great response throughout August as we worked on squating and balance… September will be a month covering, stance/grip/position throughout various lifts, we will also work on the presses, and a bit focus on mobility.

Many have brought a blog to our attention and after reviewing it, we believe it’s great. It is a Mobility WOD page created by KStar, a CrossFit mobility expert. We intend on following his blog along with our own programming. KStar challenges participants to accumulate time performing a movement that will enhance your range of motion. Example, the first WOD he suggests sitting in a deep squat for an accumulated 10 throughout the day. All at once, or in various intervals. It’s up to you….just get it done. He has his suggestions and demonstrations in video.

Next we will be working on footwork and timing for various lifts. This will be a part of the warm up and strength work each day.

We will be hosting a session, one night a week dedicated to proficiency in lifting. Attendence will be limited.

More to follow..