Monday, September 13, 2010

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Hope you all had a great weekend.

Beginning at 1/4 past we will be performing mobility work before the WOD.

Click HERE for Mobility WOD (on Vimeo…should work at most workplaces)

If you do not have a 500 m row on the board, it’s time to have one. If you don’t have a 400 m run, also time to get one up there.


Complete 5 cycles of AMRAP 3:
3 Thrusters (95, 65)
6 Box Jumps (24, 20)
9 KB Swings (50, 35)

Rest 1 minute between each cycle

Your score is total round completed of all cycles. No partial rounds.

Post # rounds and comments.


  1. 5:30
    Modified Helton:
    Run 800 meters
    35 pound Dumbbell squat cleans, 30 reps
    30 Burpees
    Run 800 meters
    35 pound Dumbbell squat cleans, 30 reps
    30 Burpees
    Run 800 meters

    1:31 500m Row
    10 Cycles

  2. Strength to Start
    5R @ 60% (deload) Squats
    Warmup: 45 x bar, 45 x bar, 75 x 5, 105 x 3, 135 x 2
    Work: 160 x 5

    WOD: 15 rounds
    Scale: had to use a 45lb KB but did the full swing instead of Rx’d swing

    Nice work by Jon and Mark on getting a 4-rounder AND scaling up to ‘The Two Tires’ for the box jumps! Impressive!

  3. seriously, 4 rounds is insane… you guys must have super powers.

  4. important note, i didn’t do thrusters cause of the wrist, med ball burpees instead….but I saw Mark get 4 so I really had no choice.

  5. 11 rounds with a 20lbs vest and tire jumps. Did some strength first with bench press:warmup was 95×5, 95×5,135×5, 155×3, 175×2 and work was 205×3. Did the 400m sprint in 1:09 afterwards. Hard Monday as usual, good stuff.

  6. 12 rounds as Rx’d

  7. 14 rounds as Rx’d

  8. WOD=15 Rounds…Scaled up to 60llb kettle bell and tire jumps.

    Great work by everyone again…Just keeps getting better!

  9. 10 rounds, scaled up to 60lb kb.

  10. 10 rounds scaled down with 10lb med ball & 30lb (and later 25lb) kettlebell… not really my best performance