Wednesay, September 15, 2010

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Mobility Work

400m run/500m row if not on board.

Footwork Drills

Our focus will be on STANCE, GRIP, and POSITIONS

1.  Squat Clean
5 x 1 rep, work up to a 1Rm

2.  Press (Strict)
5 x 1, work up to a 1RM


  1. blah result for a blah day… 195 Squat Clean/135 Press

  2. Rest day for me today. I will be in at noon tomorrow.

  3. Did yesterday’s WOD tonight at home:

    Strength to Start
    5R @ 60% Deadlifts (deload)
    warmup: 135×5, 135×5, 155×5, 170×3, 180×2
    work: 190×5

    WOD: 8:59 as Rx’d

  4. 185 squat clean, worked on technique more than lifting a lot. Tried a power clean with the new technique tweaks and got 205 up for a pr. Got 155 on the press which is a new pr as well. Hooray

  5. 205 on the squat cleans. I find that a very hard movement. 195 for the press a new pr.