Friday, September 17, 2010

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Due to the @#$@%@#$@ rain…we’ve had to make a change…sorry for the second change

Mobility Work

Click HERE for Mobility WOD

2 rounds
10x Handstand push-ups
20x Box jumps
30x Pull-ups
40x Push-ups
50x Double unders
10x Knees to elbows
20x Dips
30x Burpees
40x Sit-ups (feet anchored)
50x Squats

We did this one March 22 if you would like to compare. Click HERE….sorry for the change



  1. 29:54 as Rx’d

  2. Have a friend interested in doing the intro session. You still doing it tomorrow?

  3. Yes for sure we are having the info session at 10 am followed by a WOD…hope you and anyone can make it.

    did this one this morning with Justin….he kicked my a$$.
    We did tires for Box Jumps and Rings for the dips…. interesting to workout in the morning…

    31:15 I think…. good times

    See you all at lunch and this evening

  4. I am very un-impressed with this lol.
    I also have a friend how wants to come tomorrow morning.

  5. Not too upset that I’m not going to make tonight’s work out… lord knows if this took Mike half an hour I would be there all night!

    Love the pic… how can I get that on a shirt?

  6. WOD 40:19…I know where it got it’s name now…

    I swear I heard a voice telling me to step into the light somewhere through this WOD. Unfortunately, then I heard Mike telling the voice “sorry he has 50 more squats to go!”…UGH!

    Great workout.

  7. Awesome workout, everything I didn’t need to be doing the day before I build a playground for my kids. Someone’s going to have to come over and safety check this structure because I might not be able to put my hands over my head to tighten anything.

  8. Good job guys, I actually remember doing this one back in March and thinking holy shit that was hard.. and then realizing I had to do it again haha. I’ll be in for the 6 o’clock session. I’ll try to be there around 5:30 to do some deadlifts, Ryan if you are coming in tonight.

  9. Ben…sweet….I’ll see you there tonight! I can’t wait to take a strip off my old time with this one: 48 f&#*in minutes last time!!!

  10. What are you guys complaining about? Looks like a walk in the park! Wish I could have done this one

    Will be there tomorrow morning with a buddy for the 10am intro session tomorrow Mike and Amy

  11. I failed miserably in my goal (30 minutes) today, but overall a good improvement. I hit my last squat at 40:00….I wanted to avoid that DNF so bad!!! 😀

    Last time in March I did this in 48+ minutes.

    Scales today: 24″ box, Dips were on two boxes, HSPU was in a 3/3 Jolly Jumper, and situps were not anchored.

    And I had a big brain fart in the Burpees during the second round…I was shooting for 40 when all I had to do was 30. I realized at the 35th one what I’d done…..

  12. This is miserable.

    Dnf 40 minutes. Just finished second round pushups.

    Hspu knees on 24″ box
    box jumps on 24″ box
    all 30 pullups first round and first 10 second round were kipping (2-3 at a time), rest 2-for-1 jumping
    first 25 pushups real, rest knees
    all 50 double understand were real, 1 or 2 at a time. At this point my shoulders were dead
    knees to elbows unbroken
    dips on 2 boxes
    situps unweighted