Tuesday, September 28, 2010

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NUTRITION SEMINAR TONIGHT AT 5PM. We will be having Bruce Sweeney in attendance from Simply For Life.

There will only be one session this evening and it will begin at 6:30pm. Sorry for the inconvenience.

Start thinking about Saturday. Who are you going to bring to the Info/Trial session???  We want to make this community bigger… more people, more intensity, more intensity brings more results…. Win Win situation.

Mobility Work – “How to stretch your back bits” Kelley Starett Click here Youtube video

“Caribou Lou”

10 rounds for time

  • 12 Pull Ups
  • 12 Burpees

Extra challenge…use the vest

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  2. Whoever doesn’t take care of their hands will be exposed today!! >:)

  3. I’m trying to get off at 5 so i can be there… but i’m not sure where ‘there’ is lol… i’m in a meeting from 4-5 so if i can make it it’s going to be close

  4. Justin – 21:31 with 10lbs vest
    Sara – 24:52 with #2/3 jump band

  5. We are meeting at the gym for 5pm.

  6. the video kinda reminds me of this guy:

  7. 19:53 with 20lbs weight vest.

  8. Strength 5×75 5×95 2 then failx125 3×115

    24:45 with the 2+1 band

  9. This was rough on the hands.

    Strength: 5×45, 5×75, 5×95, 4×125, 2×145, 5×165 (meant to do 3 sets across, but no time).

    Mobility work left me feeling less crippled than usual – hopefully this is a sign that mobility is actually improving.

    WOD: 7 rounds in 24 minutes with flailing pull-ups (don’t know that I could call them kipping tonight). Had to leave to catch the boat – which is probably just as well as my hands were really starting to feel the abuse.

  10. 15:56 as Rx

    Did it at the University gym. Definitely got a lot of looks