Thursday, September 30, 2010

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Mobility Work


  • 10 Front Squats (135, 95)
  • 10 Box Jumps (30″, 24″)
  • 10 Push Press (135, 95)

Post rounds completed and comments

For those who are interested in the nutrition challenge we need you to register for the Google group we created. Link is below. We will also need to meet ASAP to work out details and make sure we are on same page. Rules will be listed in group.

If you do not have a google account you will need to take a second and generate one. It’s worth your time.

We were thinking of an official start date of Sunday, October 10… going for 10 weeks…. ending Saturday, December 18.

Google Groups
CrossFit Saint John Nutrition Challenge
Visit this group


  1. Strength to Start:
    1R @ 90% Bench Press
    Warmup: 45×5, 45×5, 80×5, 115×3, 150×2
    Work: 177 x 1

    WOD: 6 rounds + 22 reps
    Scales: 95lbs for FS and PP, 24″ box for jumps

    Goal for WOD: all rounds of box jumps unbroken and elbows down/out/under wrists for PP.

  2. Crap…5 rounds + 22 reps

  3. WOD 4 rounds
    FS’s/PP’s 135 pounds
    Tires for box jumps

    Front squats really highlight “poor flexibility” issues in a hurry. More area’s to improve on and more area’s to properly stretch!

  4. You’re probably going to want to push the start date until after Thanks-giving day – give people a chance for that last slice of pie.

  5. Nick…I think we’re definitely going to have cheats incorporated into the “rules” so if someone goes nuts at TG, count it as a cheat. I know I am. 😀

  6. Road trip wod! Michelle and I did 400m walking lunges for time. It came up on the main site a month or two ago and I wanted to try it. It was a bit of a mental game.

    Nick:10:59 in 315ish lunges.
    Michelle:13:10 no count.

  7. 4 rounds completed…Plus 5 extra squats
    135 for push press and squats and tires for the jump