Wednesday, October 6, 2010

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Mobility Work

Nutrition Challenge People – Max Sit Ups reps for time of:

  • Burpee Box Jumps (20″, single tire)
  • Kettlebell Swing
  • 50 m Sprint between each round

Post time and comments

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  1. Is the 50m sprint repeated 10 times the first round, or is it just done once per round?

  2. If we do it 10 times the first round, its no longer a sprint.

  3. Sorry…did this late and didn’t realize I failed to articulate.
    You do a 50 m sprint between each round. Only one sprint between each set.
    10 – run – 9 – run – 8 etc….

  4. Crazy people did it with increased box height…. some were 28″… good times

  5. CF and the common cold are a crappy mix!

    WOD 11:42 (70llb KB)

    This would be a really good weighted vest WOD…For the young guys! ;o)

  6. Ray, if you’re going to keep complaining that you’re older than us then you have to stop kicking our butt on these workouts!

  7. I liked this workout! It’s like you’re getting rewarded with each round by getting to do one fewer each time! lol

    joined the lunch crew today… max sit ups: 180

    WOD: 22 something? with one tire, 30lb KB and 100m rows instead of the run because I forgot my shoes…

    • Did this one with 20lb vest, 70lb kb, and jumped on tires with Chris….


  8. Max Deadhangs: 17
    Max Situps: 161
    Max Pushups (from the other day): 43

    Wod was 13:46 I think, with a 20 lbs vest.

  9. 14:04 with 60lb swings and the tire for the jumps

  10. Max situps: 400
    Wod: 16:36 with box and 40lb Kb

    Fun fun I strangely love burpee box jumps.