Tuesday, October 12, 2010

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Time to pay up

Mobility Work

5 Rounds for time of:
25 Push ups
25 Box Jumps, 24″
25 KBS (50, 35)
Post time and comments
“Those who think they have no time for bodily exercise will sooner or later have to find time for illness.”
– Lord Edward Stanley


  1. 5 rounds @ 25 push ups. This is going to be a slow one.

  2. All about strategy…

    Well I’ve started the nutrition challenge… and I’m 2 meals in already (857hrs)…. I can see it’s going to be a bit rough this week.
    I’ll be driving around the city all week….need to buy a portable cooling unit for my food…

    Hope everyone had a great weekend…

  3. Justin 17:27
    Sara 18:04 I think. Both as Rx’d.

  4. Good to get back after hamming my body with turkey and ham for the last two days 😀

    Strength to Start
    5R @ 80% Bench Press
    Warmup: 45×5, 45×5, 75×5, 105×3, 135×2
    Work: 154×5

    WOD: 24:47
    Kettlebell @ 45lbs
    Box @ 24″

  5. Morning
    2 Rounds
    15 toes to bar
    30 45lb Thrusters
    60 Doubleunders

    Snatch Balance
    3 x 95, 3 x 115

    118 Situps in 5 min

    WOD as rx’d: 26:03

  6. WOD 15:45 as Rx’d

    Sit ups for NC = 86 reps (blah!)

    Back to Spinach, oatmeal, whey, and fruits for the next 10 weeks. I’m putting an apple pie on my calander for Dec 20th!
    Who will be the first to get the food crazies??

  7. Russell is robocop….with more ROM

    I did this in 17:57 jumping at a 30″ box (tires). tough wod after a nice relaxing weekend filled with wine and turkey!

    I also did a little DL form work pre-wod. Worked up to 275 by 5. I haven’t pulled that much since I had my splint put on…wrist feels pretty strong.

    Let the nutrition challenge begin! Eat your grains, dairy and legumes you SFL sons of B’s! eat up! See you in 10 weeks!

  8. 110 sit-ups in 5 mins

    WOD 20:56 (4 rounds) with 20″ box & 30lb KB

  9. Great work today everyone.

    Did this one at 6pm.
    Started with a 500 m row with Nick out on the sidewalk.

    Then did the 5 min situp eval. Score: 118 butterfly.

    Then decided to do todays WOD while wearing the 20lb vest.

    Did it in 19 min +… not sure what it was… was in pretty rough shape.

  10. Situps 179 in 5 minutes – ouch

    23:35 for the Wod with 35lbs and the box. For some reason the box jumps were really hard to day. My legs felt like lead.

    Did some deadlift (5×105, 95) and press work (5x45x2) before the wod as part of my warm up.

  11. situps 75 in 5 minutes

    26:48 for the WOD 35 lb KB and the bad orgnage box :). This one was a tough one, took me a couple of hours to feel ‘normal’ again lol

  12. Deadlift (5×195, 5×175) and Press (5×75, 5×70) before the WOD

    WOD: 29:32 with 50lb kb and 30″ box.

    1:37.8 second 500m row on the sidewalk cash out.

    This wod + the row left me feeling wrecked for almost 2 hours.