Here’s the skinny!

Posted by on Oct 27, 2010 in News | 6 comments

Ok…had a solid conversation with the farmer regarding the grass fed beef.

Here’s the scoop.

Most of the cows are 600lbs dressed (full cow). That’s how they are bought. After all cuts made it will be about 30olbs of meat or more.

They charge $3 /lb. The cows are 1.5 – 2 years old. And they are so lean there is no marbling…. the cost of this quality of beef at a store would easily be $8-10/lb.

He stated that we need to learn how to cook the meat as it’s so lean.

They go to the butcher and the various cuts are made and we would divide them up evenly. Special request would be thrown out to the butcher as keeping liver, any fat that might be obtained.

Deal is, money up front. First come first serve. More involved the cheaper it gets.

Min down payment of $200 from those interested than cost will be sorted once final # of buyers resolved.

We only have until next weekend to buy in so do not wait or you’ll miss out. 

Only post if you are ready to commit to the purchase.

All that being said, if it’s decided to go with only a side the cost each will be cut in half.



  1. We are buying a gym cow??

    • And then having the biggest BBQ ever

  2. I would be interested.

  3. I would be interested too. Who is the farmer?

  4. Kingston Penn. family. Beth Fullerton is the wifes name. all organic grass fed. Farmer refuses to pay the extraordinary fee to call yourself Organic… they have all the same standards.

  5. Mike, we have been doing this for a while, drop me an email if you have any questions (cuts of meat you get, cooking, etc)…your cost is bang on.